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Мыслим связно

Category: Статьи
Written by Самира администратор
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Танцевальные связки – это «кирпичики», из которых мы строим танец. Конечно, музыка всегда подсказывает, что делать, но на любой ритм или музыкальную фразу всегда есть множество вариантов движений и нужно научиться правильно их подбирать. Самира рассказывает, с чего начать и как сделать танец интересным и гармоничным.






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Published on Monday, 15 June 2020 11:16

Showy veil work

Category: Статьи
Written by Самира администратор
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In the recent time, the dancers often use a veil, or tarha. Almost each dance performance includes veil work. Arab women themselves rarely make use of it, they hold a veil in their hands and do some simple movements at the beginning of a dance, and then drop it. It can obviously be explained by the fact, that a veil is not a traditional Arabic accessorize but was brought there, according to different versions, from Europe or even from Russia. The variety and complexity of veil work has become the specific feature of Russian bellydance. 

We shall present the most beautiful movements with one or two veils. Please take note of the fact that they are not going to be very complicated. As the word is, genius lies in simplicity!

Having learnt these movements and taking into account the following recommendations, each beginner, and not only a beginner, will look considerable and feel confident in her or his veil work.

Let’s get it started. 

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Published on Thursday, 20 February 2014 20:44

Floor secrets

Category: Статьи
Written by Самира администратор
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Performing dance elements on the floor, or as it is also called, “in the parterre”, is by no means easy. A dancer needs to possess an excellent physical condition, an appropriate costume, a good taste and a sense for the dance style. For example, floor elements are impossible in the classical Egyptian Raks Sharki, they are considered indecent there. However, they are appropriate and rather advantageous as part of a show bellydance performance, of a sword dance, a candelabra dance or even a cane Assaya dance.

Samira, a dancer, teacher, assistant to the President of Professional League of Oriental Dance and a beauty, helps us to study the key elements of floor work. “The movements being demonstrated are not nearly a dogma but only a short hint on what one could start with and what mistakes one could avoid”, Samira emphasizes. – Feel free and have courage to invent your own movements and create your own style. Everything will work out well!”

For the floor work, you have to keep your legs and body muscles in tone and not to forget the stretching. However, if you go in for dancing on a regular basis, it is enough. Well, now warm up properly and let us start! 

Please, pay special attention to the arms plastique!

Eighty percent of the success of your floor work depend on your arms movements’ beauty. Do not be lazy, work at them additionally! 

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Published on Thursday, 20 February 2014 20:44

Турецкий бисер и нижняя тряска

Category: Статьи
Written by Самира администратор
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Тряска по праву считается одним из самых эффектных элементов в беллидансе. Некоторые преподаватели насчитывают до 20 видов тряски! В прошлом номере Самира рассказывала об египетской тряске, сегодня она помогает освоить нижнюю или ягодичную тряску и турецкий бисер.

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Published on Sunday, 11 January 2015 08:13



Movement "Hourse"





 Turnes and spins. Lesson 1



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