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Written by Самира администратор

Hello! I am Samira!


I am glad to welcome you in its online school of belly dance!


Now you can get all information from the "first hand", with the comfort at your home.


You only need Internet access from any mobile device or desktop computerthe desire to learn and a good mood!


How will your training?


All the school materials are divided into themes:

 Basic technique

 - Work with accessories

 Thematic lessons



Each material is a series of short videos for a total period of 30-90 minutes.


Each material is paid for a period of 1 to 6 months.


Available video will be in your account that will be created during the registration or payment of the first clip.


After examining the contents of those themes for demo-clips (which are available to users who are not logged in), you can compose your own programme of studyaddress when ready to proceed to the next level of basic technique, take some production or study one of accessory of Oriental dance.


You can also apply in person to me (in the section contact us or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and I'll recommend you to order of study materialsdepending on your level and goals.


It's better if you send your videos so that I can see your level and tell me a little about yourself: how long do you do and what is your goals.


In the future I recommend using the "PERSONAL video CONSULTATION" to make sure that you correctly perceive the material without bugs, and if you have any questions not covered in the video material.


Welcome to my group on Facebook, where a special section will be discussed related to studying. There you will be able to express their wishes and on subjects that would get on the lessons in the future.


Where to start for newbies?


Of course, with the section "BASIC TECHNIQUE".

 Starting with the 0 level.


After studying the "0 level", you are ready to take simple productions, and after "level 1", to develop the desired accessories.

 Every material has a demo and a written description of the contents.


For teachers


Lessons from the section "BASIC TECHNIQUE" exploring how the sequence of presentation to the disciples, and the explanation of individual elements and the use of preparatory exercises.


Any production from the section "PRODUCTIONES", you can use as teaching in the classroom with their groups. Whole or in part, may take some elements.

In "THEMATIC LESSONS" and "work with accessories" lessons are built sequentially from the simple to the complex, as a teaching aid for exploring these themes with your groups.


In the "FOR TEACHERS" will be offered special videos for your needs, which you can send on my personal e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or group Facebook

How to find out about new video materials?

-Subscribe to news this site (yellow circle at the bottom of the page! )

 -Join Group Samira Vkontakte or Facebook




Movement "Hourse"





 Turnes and spins. Lesson 1



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